Building Faith Families

Strengthening the essential role of the family in the lives of children and parents.

The desire of Building Faith Families is to strengthen, teach, encourage, validate, and exhort parents and families to follow the biblical model for the Christian home. Steve Demme spent years working with youth as a teacher in schools (public and Christian); as a pastor and youth leader in churches; and as a counselor and camp director at summer camps. Based on this experience and that of other educational experts, the single most significant influence in a child’s life is that of his parents. Mentors and coaches have a valuable and influential role in the life of today’s youth, but you can’t replace Mom and Dad. Building Faith Families helps develop engaged parents — the common denominator in building a lifelong love of learning in a student.

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A Biblical approach to finance.

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Foundation Series

Encouragement to strengthen, teach, and encourage parents and families, from Steve Demme and other authors.

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Hymn book and cd set

Music for your family worship time.