Our manipulatives are designed as a tool that will help a student visualize math concepts as they are being taught. They are the part of our curriculum that provides the hands-on aspect.
Manipulative Block Set
  • Used in all levels from Primer through Algebra 1 (except Epsilon)
  • Colorful 88-piece base-10 stacking blocks
  • Five each of 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 100s
  • Seven 5s
  • Twenty units
  • Twenty-one 10s
  • Used to teach all aspects of arithmetic
  • Use with Inserts for key algebra and decimal concepts

Two sets simplify some lessons by allowing the student to have at least 10 of each piece. We also recommend having two sets of blocks when doing larger problems or when working with more than one student.

Each set of Manipulative Blocks includes a two-sided poster featuring Decimal Street and the Block Clock. Decimal Street is a fun and simple way of illustrating place value and regrouping to young learners, and can be used with several of the courses.

Fraction Overlays
  • Used when teaching fractions in Epsilon
  • Colored pieces correspond to Manipulative Blocks
  • Organized in a cloth holder

Thirty-seven total pieces represent halves through sixteenths. There are 1 green, 2 white, 2 orange, 3 pink, 4 yellow, 5 light blue, and 6 violet colored vinyl pieces that represent the numerator. The clear lined overlays portray the denominator. In the six-pocket cloth holder, there are two each of the halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and tenths overlays, plus one each of the smaller eighths and sixteenths rulers.

Algebra/Decimal Inserts
  • Used with Zeta to present decimals
  • Used with Pre Algebra and Algebra 1 to illustrate polynomials
  • Smooth pieces which snap into 10s and 100s blocks
  • Illustrate X, -X, and X2
  • Decimal pieces represent units, .1s and .01s