Classic Curriculum

The classic curriculum refers to the older series of math books entitled, “Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced”. These books were discontinued in 2004 when we released the fully-revised Greek letter series. We continue to support these books by printing the student materials. To learn how to transition from the classic curriculum to the current Greek letter series, visit our transition page.

  1. Foundation Student Text

    Foundations Student Text

    Contains the Foundations Student Text Learn More
  2. Foundations Extra Practice Sheets

    Foundations Extra Practice Sheets

    Contains the Foundations Extra Practice Sheets Learn More
  3. Intermediate Extra Practice Sheets

    Intermediate Extra Practice Sheets

    Contains the Intermediate Extra Practice Sheets Learn More
  4. Intermediate Student Text

    Intermediate Student Text

    Contains the Intermediate Student Text Learn More
  5. Advanced Student Text

    Advanced Student Text

    Contains the Advanced Student Text Learn More