A gentle introduction to mathematics.

In the Primer level your child will learn not only how to write numerals but also addition and subtraction, basic counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and they will be introduced to the manipulative block system. It’s a gentle introduction to "doing math."

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Sample Lesson

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Counting objects and developing numeracy
  • Understanding place value
  • Recognizing number names and symbols
  • Reading and writing numerals
  • Understanding addition and subtraction with concrete and representational models
  • Understanding and writing the symbols +, – and =
  • Addition and subtraction of select numbers


Additional concepts and skills:

  • Telling and writing time by hours and minutes
  • Recognizing & drawing rectangles, squares, and circles
  • Measuring length by repeating units
  • Introducing halves and fourths
  • Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s
  • Reading, writing & interpreting word problems


Primer- Testimonials


“I've used Math-U-See for 5 years with my 11th and 7th graders. Yesterday, my 4 year old got her Primer set in the mail, and you would have thought it was her BIRTHDAY!!! She wanted everyone to know that she now has a math book just like her sisters.” — Karen

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